"Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them."

~Joyce Raley Teel~ Nobody escapes justice! Its just a matter of time.


Joyce Raley Teel


 It's sad that one of America's Greatest Success Stories may end up having a tragic ending. 

It is quite possible that her husband Jim Teel never told his wife Joyce about Charles Nordby  and what he had done for her father's company.  

So she may have been completely blindsided about this true story when it hit in 1991 after they had just published their history book of the Thomas P. Raley success story.  

Instead of doing the right thing immediately and calling Charles Nordby to thank him for what he did to save the company, she chose  to ignore him completely and his true success story.  

And because of this decision by Joyce Raley Teel, this story has escalated for the past 27 years and has engulfed and entangled so many people who have tried to protect her and the Tom Raley hometown success story.

We never dreamt as a family that we would have to embattle the Teel family, the same family that our father made successful.  Now we have  to protect him, his name, 

his success and his legacy. 

The Teel's have stolen his legacy. 

It is time for the Teel's to give it up and restore to Charles Nordby that which is rightfully his.

Shhhh Don't Tell Anyone


 Joyce, Jim and Mike Teel have known about this for a long time. And perhaps they thought that they could just ignore this truth and continue living in this facade. 

But they can't ignore it and the facade is shattering. 

The Teels had the opportunity in 1991  and all along the way to set the story straight and tell the truth about our father and his overall role in their complete success. .  

But they chose to fight and destroy our father, his name and legacy. 

But  instead, they are destroying their own names and credibility along with many others.  

If you are a member of the Teel Family or an employee of Raley's, and if this is the first that you have heard this true story, we are sorry that you had to hear it this way. 

And please don't be angry at the Nordby family for wanting our father's incredible life legacy to be returned and acknowledged. 

He and what he did was worthy of the honor he should be given.

But it is important to know the truth, because as it is stated: 

​The Truth sometimes hurts, 

But the Truth can set you free! 

Jim, Joyce and Mike Teel and everyone in this story can all be set free with the truth!

Charles C. Nordby

Charles C. Nordby

 San Francisco Bay Area native and resident, Charles Nordby, with his experience, expertise and incredible mind in the business world, created one of the greatest corporate turnarounds and success stories in American history.  

The Raley's Supermarkets 

massive chain of stores.

His proven and successful program was the catalyst to saving the company.  The immediate and incredible wealth they amassed at the company and into the Teel family, propelled them to become the wealthiest and most powerful family ever in the Sacramento area. 

That wealth and power was later used  to influence everyone and anyone needed to make sure that no one would ever hear about Charles Nordby, his story and the incredible legacy that he left, not only in Sacramento but in the SF Bay Area and in all of Northern California. 

Now his story and this truth are being shared 

One person at a time! 

Thank you for for being 

that one person right now. 

Please help the family of Charles Nordby regain our father's legacy by sharing this story with others.  

Send this link to everyone:


The Tom Raley/Teel Family Success is in Reality the Charles C. Nordby's Success Story & Legacy.

These are the Players of this Crime in order.

Raley's, Chuck Collings, Jim, Joyce and Mike Teel, Betty Hansen, Raley's History Book Editor,


Knowingly and unknowingly they deliberately wrote Charles Nordby out of their history book that supposedly reported the facts about Tom Raley and his incredible rise to success and wealth. This is the book that started it all and caught them in their sordid crime. 

Why did they write him out of their history book? Probably because they knew what they had done to him and didn't want to be reminded of their crime against him. 

Now the Teel's are reminded daily.

Louis Neely, the Senior Pastor at the Church Warehouse Ministries Was Caught in their Deception


Louis Neely wasn't the only minister in Sacramento that found themselves facing the reality of Raley's true story, but he was the first to help Raley's attempt to cover their sin, their crime, their lies and attempt to destroy our father Charles Nordby and his legacy.

We are told that the thief comes to "Kill, steal and destroy."

And we are also told that the devil is 

"the father of all lies"

Just who is Louis' father?

Sacramento's Entire News Media Saw The Killing of Charles Nordby taking place, but didn't report it.


Even though the Sacramento Bee was the first news outlet to hear about Charles Nordby's Raley's success story, none of the local news could report on this free falling bomb on Sacramento's greatest success story. Now that they are part of the story, they still can't. 

Before they were afraid to lose Raley's advertising dollar that could have closed their doors. Now they should be afraid of who walks through their doors. 

Downy, Brand, Seymour & Rohwer, Raley's Law Firm Thought They Could Kill Him Off, But They Haven't!


Perhaps they thought with the Teel/Raley's money and their power in the courts that they could just do anything they wanted to do. They should have followed the "Rule of Law". They had no idea who this old man was that they were coming against. Now they do, now they know what they have done and now they are being publicly humiliated for their "Fraud" against Charles Nordby, against the Courts, against "The Rule of Law", and against TRUTH and JUSTICE!

They are getting a taste of truth.

Their justice is right at the door.

DBSR's ex-attorney's, Peter Glick, Kim Peterson, Robert Strauch had their part in killing justice.


These three attorney's bungled one of the largest law suits ever filed in Sacramento County. Hmmmm...... They had to violate so many laws to keep Charles Nordby out of the courtroom that denied him his day in court and justice. Perhaps they thought that  because they were with DBSR, they could do whatever. Now we are going to do whatever we have to do, to make sure they see true justice the same way they corrupted justice for our father. 

These 3 attorney's think they have escaped justice for this crime. 

They haven't seen justice yet.

Judge Joe Gray and the Sacramento Court system closed their eyes to these illegal documents.

Judge Joe Gray

In our opinion, Judge Joe Gray had a rubber stamp for every illegal document that DBSR put before him. He even signed one stating that Charles Nordby appeared before him and made oral arguments too. Charles Nordby was never before Judge Joe Gray on that day. That alone showed us the corruption of DBSR, their attorney's, the courts and the travesty of justice that prevails in Sacramento. 

judge Joe Gray is dead.

His corruption has put on an eternal corruption. Justice is happening.

What happened to Charles Nordby, the man who saved Raley's?

Raley's and the Teel's never thanked him for making them rich, powerful and famous in Sacramento.

The wealthy Teel's tried to use the "House of God" to stop his true story and legacy. IT DIDN'T WORK

They then used the corrupt law firm Downy, Brand, Seymour and Rohwer. To stop him. IT DIDN'T WORK!

They paid for advertising to all of the news media. To assure that Nordby's story was never told.

They know what they have done and they are arrogant in their crime at every level in Sacramento.

The Teel's think they have dodged a bullet, little do they know that it is catching up with them and their crime will soon be national news. Then all the news media will have to cover the story and they will be part of it because they created it! 

On May 29th, 1996 HE DIED! Fighting the corruption of the Teel's, DBSR, News and religious Fakes.

If you are a "Slueth" and enjoy crime shows, this is for you


This crime has been in the making for over 40 years. It's Sacramento's Longest Ongoing Solved Crime!

There is so much evidence, information, documentation and other tidbits of clues that make up this true story.  

All of the pages of this website are only a fraction of the facts that have been accumulated over the years. In fact, the information is too overwhelming for most people. With the fraudulent and frivolous documents filed by Downy, Brand, Seymour and Rohwer it is hard to keep track of what they were doing, and that is why they did it. But we were able to keep track once we caught on to their schemes. 

But enjoy the pages of this website. Take it slowly and hopefully you will be able to understand all of the shenanigans from all of the players of this crime. 

Please share this website link with others. raleyssupermarkets.com

Raley's Turnaround in the '70's

Raley's corporate turnaround is possibly the greatest turnaround success story in U.S. history. According to Charles Nordby, they went from being in debt to becoming instantly successful after using his services and expertise that has made many retailers successful. 

Tom Raley instantly went from "Rags to Riches"

Tom Raley never met the man who began saving his stores in 1973. He had no idea what was going on within his own company. And he had no idea who Charles Nordby was and what he was doing to change the direction of his stores. Which means, when Tom Raley died, he was one of the wealthiest men in America and he had no idea how he became wealthy. 

That alone makes this an amazing fact. It is quite possible that no other person in history has ever become so wealthy and have no idea how it all happened. 

No company or family in America has ever attained their entire wealth from an act of fraud.

We have researched this fact, and we can't find any other example where any "Billionaires" entire wealth were the results of an act of fraud. 

So the Teel's have made history in a very unusual way.  We are sure they sleep very well at night. 

Coming Soon- More interesting facts to share with others.

Sacramento's Largest Civil Lawsuit

Sacramento's Largest Law Firm Corrupts the courts

Because of this Crime, The Teels Control Sacramento and everyone else in Sacramento is absolutely powerless.

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