The Raley's Teel Family machine kept their secret quiet

The Raley Teel Family Wealth created a machine of silence

Harvey Weinstein had a "machine" with his money and power to keep people silent. So do the Teel's.

 Ronan Farrow, who broke the Weinstein story said this: 

“It is very clear, if you look at this story and how long it stayed quiet, that it is of the utmost importance that any news organization that has damning evidence of ongoing criminal activity needs to run that, needs to investigate it…and run it,” 

This exact statement could be said of the Raley/Teel fraud crime. For 27 years the news media has known about this ongoing crime and yet they 

"see no evil, 

  hear no evil 

  and speak no evil"

The news media in Sacramento is part of the machine that is protecting not only the Raley's Supermarket name but also the Teel family that own Raley's.  But the Sacramento news media was also protecting themselves because they were also making sure that no one reported all that the Nordby family was claiming against Raley's and the Teel family. 

Raley's also had a legal "machine" by the name of Downy, Brand, Seymour and Rohwer (DBSR) to tilt the scales of injustice to make sure Raley's or the Teel's ever had to face charges of fraud. DBSR was the largest law firm in Sacramento. 

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