For 27 years Sacramento's entire news media heard this story

The News Media Could Not Afford To Touch Billionaire Joyce Raley Teel's BIG HOAX about her fathers fake success story.

We have given a name for people who keep silent to protect the rich.  

They are called "HUSHERS"

Every news reporting outlet in Sacramento are her personal HUSHERS. 

Remember, the Teels have a lot more money than Harvey Weinstein. 

And they have hushed this story to protect their big lie about Tom Raley, 

and an attempt to extinguish the truth and legacy of Charles Nordby.

But there is coming a day for them them like it did for these other very wealthy people 

such as OJ Simpson, Bernie Madoff, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer... 

All of their money, power and influence will NOT protect them from the truth about their crime 

and from the fact that they were able to hush this story for over 27 years. 

Every Anchor and reporter were bound and gagged not to do the story. Doesn't it sound like something a criminal would do?

We are sure that everyone of them were warned not to touch this story or they might piss off the "Queen" of advertising, and lose their news jobs. 

Did Raley's /Teel's Threaten the News Media To Stay Quiet?


Why Didn't The News Media Report This Story?

It is quite possible that because of Raley's large advertising budget, they didn't need to threaten the news media not to report the story of Charles Nordby. All they had to do was remind the news outlets how much money they have budgeted for advertising. That's all it would take for the news to close their eyes to this true story. 

A Reverse Blackmail. Don't tell anyone about this and we will give you money. Aka "Hush Money"

It would have been a lot easier and less expensive for the Teel's to do the "Right Things" with Charles Nordby. 

The News Media has Become Slaves to the Teel's.

It is so sad when journalism becomes influenced by fear, power, money and reversed blackmail.  

Raley's Could Have Done Everything Different.

But they will become the hometown villains. 

Joyce Raley Teel Needs To Face The Facts.

As she enters into her final days of life, she will soon realize that crimes and cover-ups are not the way to leave this world. She leaves this for her family to deal with. What a legacy to leave for your family. 

If Mike Teel Doesn't Do The Right Thing, He Will Watch His World Come To An End. And Then What?

He has the power to do what is good and the power to do what is not good. 

Ronan Farrow~ Investigative reporter on Harvey Weinstein


“It is very clear, if you look at this story and how long it stayed quiet,

that it is of the utmost importance that any news organization that has damning evidence

of ongoing criminal activity needs to run that, needs to investigate it…and run it,”

Quote from Ronan Farrow

He called it the "Machine" that hushed the Harvey Weinstein story from the public for too long.

The news media and the courts are part of the "Machine" that hushed this ongoing crime of Raley's.

Sacramento Union Editor Joseph Farah told us this:


Early in 1991 he summed it up for us

"I have no reason not to believe this story to be true, but if I print this, they(Raley's) will close my newspapers doors in a week."

Sacramento Bee Reporter Mike Castro said this:

"Do you really think that Raley's wants people to hear this story?"

Sacramento Bee Business Editor Jack Sirard wrote this:

"We are not interested in this story at this time."

Every reporter since 1991 that we have personally invited to investigate the story, was unable to.

Though any good investigative reporter in the Sacramento area would  immediately know that this story was not only true, they would also know that any hint of doing this story would also be reporter suicide. But the reporter and newspaper who broke the Harvey Weinstein scandal has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize in Public Service.  

What about the $100,000 reward to disprove this story? Is their silence the proof this is true?

Sacramento's KCRA 3 use to start their broadcast with this: The News is Brought to you by Raley's

If that isn't the bottom line in this whole story.