Is Scott jones closing his eyes to the Teel/Raley crime?

Sheriff Jones as good a cop as he is, has also closed his eyes for truth and justice for our father.

Sheriff Scott Jones has BIG political ambitions. We have never seen any sheriff, anywhere in the country who has as many pictures on line than does Sheriff Scott Jones. It appears that he spends a lot of time posing for photo ops and news ops. Well, we guess that if you want to be in politics you have to have your picture taken at every opportunity. 

What we have found is that people in politics or who want to be in politics in the state Capital, do NOT want to upset the Teel's. It could be political suicide for any one running for any office in Sacramento.  Perhaps this is why Sheriff Scott Jones has never contacted us concerning this crime. If he truly believed that there was no crime, wouldn't the TOP COP contact us and tell us that in his investigations, he finds no criminal activities/fraud with the Teel family of Raley's and the law firm of Downy, Brand Seymour and Rohwer?   

He can't. He doesn't have the power over the wealthiest family EVER in Sacramento, nor the largest law firm in Sacramento and Northern California. 

In our opinion, we also believe that even if Mike Teel himself, personally committed a crime, that because of his family name, wealth and power, that his crime would not be publicized in the news, nor would anything be done to bring him to justice,  In fact, it is also our opinion if this happened, his crime would be wiped clean, swept under the rug and it would never make it into the court system.   Right Sheriff Scott Jones? 

Sheriff Jones is not alone! Sac. County Dist. Atty Anne Marie Schubert has also closed her eyes too.

For 27 years, every politician and every  legal person in law enforcement, that we told this story to, have also closed their eyes to our family's quest for justice. 

27 YEARS! Think about it. 

That is a long, long time. 

NO ONE IN 27 years. Almost 28!

It is the old adage over and over again.

 “See no Evil

Hear No Evil

Speak No Evil ” 

But when you are in law enforcement, and if that is your  "modus operandi"

Think about it Jones and Schubert,

That is PURE EVIL!