Mike Teel


Mike watched Charles Nordby save Tom Raley's stores.


In 1991, Mike Teel had the power to do the right thing while Charles Nordby was still alive. When this story was just beginning to break and all of the news media was abuzz with questions as to "Who in the world is Charles Nordby?" . It might have been because all they were hearing and reading was a newsworthy story about a man who came to Sacramento in 1973, who had saved Raley's from bankruptcy that made it and the Teel family billionaires,  and then how Raley's had defrauded him. 

It was at this time that Mike Teel called me (Jack Nordby) and asked if he could take me to lunch. I agreed to join him for lunch because I thought that he might have wanted to resolve this with my father. So Mike and his wife Tina picked me up and we all went to the Golden Tee restaurant on Auburn Blvd in Sacramento.  Mike acted like he was very nervous about the meeting, and maybe that was why he bought his wife with him for support.

Almost immediately before the food was even served, he blurted out these words    

  "my mom and dad are tired of the bickering, what would it take to resolve this?"

I immediately responded back to him: 

"Mike, you probably think this is some kind of extortion attempt, (though at this time they probably owed our father tens of millions of dollars for what his services had brought to his family's company) all we are wanting is for Raley's to acknowledge our father for what he had done for Raley's and the unbelievable success his program had created"

He responded back with this: 

"We can't do that, Mr Collings, (Raley's CEO) is a very prideful man". 

Chuck Collings had been taking credit for the success of Raley's ever since the turnaround and the departure of Charles Nordby from the company in 1976, and there had already been numerous news stories published in and around Northern California about Raley's success at the helm of Chuck Collings. So all of the news media were also being defrauded by Raley's corporate leadership team even as they defrauded our father.

Mike knew that I was attending a local church and asked me where I was going? I told him the Warehouse Ministries. 

(see Pastor Louis Neely Page)

When we had finished lunch that day, nothing was accomplished to resolve this matter with our father.   Because I saw Mike Teel protecting Chuck Collings more than his company and family name, I began to suspect that Mike Teel and Chuck Collings may have had a very special relationship. I don't know, my proposal was a simple solution that would have helped our father go to his grave with the honor and acknowledgment of what he had done for Raley's, the Teel family and all of the people and companies who had their successes as the results from the success of Raley's Supermarkets. 

We also believe that it is quite possible that Raley's leadership team and the Teel's (including Mike), may have been getting very stupid and bad advice from their law firm Downy, Brand, Seymour and Rowher, who may have instructed them to just ignore Charles Nordby and his family because he is an old man and they will all just go away.  This is the same stupid law firm that corrupted the legal system that denied our fathers abilities to his day in court. Where truth and justice is the American way. Well, it has been 27 years now and we haven't gone away. In fact, we have had 27 years of investigating this company and Tom Raley (remember, Charles Nordby was an incredible investigator) and what we have found ........ TO BE CONTINUED.........

In 1991, Mike Teel had it in his power to protect the Tom Raley name as well as his parents, his sisters, their families and everyone else who has had to endure 27 years of hearing over and over again, how the Raley company and everyone they involved, defrauded an honest man with nine children.  


Mike Teel has inherited his father's sin.

Chuck Collings and Mike Teel

Collings and Teel ~A Special Relationship?