He was cruel and abusive

E. Claire Raley Divorce

E. Claire Raley Divorce

E. Claire Raley Divorce

"She had charged cruelty as the basis for her divorce" 

Newspaper article dated 10/17/1961

Joan M. Raley (wife #2)

E. Claire Raley Divorce

E. Claire Raley Divorce

"That on or about February 14, 1974 (Valentines Day) in San Fransisco, California, cross respondent, Thomas P. Raley, assaulted and battered cross complainant injuring plaintiff in mind and body and causing her physical pain and mental anguish and humiliation." 

Then Tom Raley divorces her. 

This is Sacramento's Hometown Hero

Thomas P. Raley vs Joan Raley

Divorce paperwork case # 706-748

Valentines Day Assault

E. Claire Raley Divorce

Valentines Day Assault

Raley's has omitted Joan Raley from their history book as well as Charles Nordby. Perhaps because they remind them of the crimes committed against the both of them. With this in mind, 

Should Raley's name be on any public buildings? Should they have allowed his name to be placed on the stadium where the River Cats play? 

The answer is NO! 

The Raley name should come down. 

Never knew Charles Nordby

An Amazing Fact

As Charles Nordby was busy saving Tom Raley's supermarket chain of stores, Tom never met or knew the man who saved his company and made him one of the wealthiest men in the country. 

When Tom Raley Died

On December 27th, 1991, He may have been the only multi millionaire ever to die not knowing how he became so wealthy. 

How Could This Be?

Because the 3 top people at Raley's were taking all of the credit for Raley's  success and never wanted Tom Raley to know the man that was saving his company and making him and his Teel family rich. 

Charles Nordby Remembers Tom Raley

During the 3 years that Charles Nordby saved Tom Raley from going out of business, he spent most of his time in the stores correcting the mismanagement that had gone rampant for many years. Occasionally he would have to visit the old Raley's offices in downtown Sacramento. 

Tom Raley wasn't around to be introduced to Charles Nordby and it seemed very apparent that he was completely unaware that there was an outside consultant changing everything in his company so that his stores would be spared from the bankruptcy courts.