Because the News Won't Tell You, We'll send you a Postcard

These postcards have been mailed to hundreds of Sacramento's politicians, business people, lawyers and yes, even the Raley's stores have had their fair share of these colorful cards. 

For 27 years, Raley's has been taking the blows about the Charles Nordby story. 

We don't know of any other company ever in America that has had to endure such constant truth about being the only company ever who's entire wealth and success is all based on a crime of fraud, and the fraud continues on daily. 

An observation that we have made about society is that the extremely wealthy have a sense of entitlement, show no remorse for their crimes, are accountable to no one and are able to buy their way out of any legal troubles and even escape jail time if the price is right. 

Sometimes being wealthy is the only difference between the wealthy criminals living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, and poor criminals living in jail or prison somewhere.

So you can imagine how far just being the wealthiest in town will take you. 

You are never too old to go to jail. Bill Cosby is going to jail and Bernie Madoff is in jail, 

And they were very wealthy as well. But it finally caught up with them . 

At this point and seeing how old Jim and Joyce Teel are, we really don't want to see them go to jail, we just want them to settle this with the family of Charles Nordby so that we can get some sense of justice for what happened to him. 

It really is a simple solution.