Raley's History Book

The two books that changed their history. Past and present.


The Book that started it all. "Raley's, A Family Store"

Of course this book is no longer available to the public.  Once it was discovered that it was written to hide their fraud against Charles Nordby,  it was removed from circulation.  If you find a copy on Ebay, Amazon or at a thrift store, you will be able to prove for yourself that Raley's and those who wrote it, did so for one purpose. 

To decieve it's readers about Raley's success story  and cover up any evidence that Charles Nordby was present during the time of Raley's miraculous turnaround of 1973.  

By 1976 Raley's was well on their way to surviving their darkest hour. Millions $$$ were already starting to roll in.

That was also the year that they decided they had to defraud Charles Nordby that would cause him to leave Raley's knowing he was helping the greatest thieves he had ever encountered in his life. 


13 Years later they wrote: "Raley's, A Family Store" A self published history book of Tom Raley's manipulated history and  account of his company's success. 

And it wasn't till after the history book came out and letters written by Raley's CEO, Chuck Collings, that the fraud was discovered that launched an investigation into other so-called facts of Raley's history. Our investigations only proved what we personally  believed already, and that was that the Raley's company had been involved in other unscrupulous activities throughout the years. 

It has been stated that criminals always return to the scene of their crime.  Raley's history book is them returning to the scene of their own crime. 

Thinking they got away with a crime, Charles Nordby and his family has decided it was time to set the story straight.  


Raley's History Book is the DNA of their Crime, and in it they left clues everywhere.

If it wasn't for the "pride and arrogance"  of Joyce Raley Teel, along with her ignorance and nonsensical rendition of her father Tom Raley's success story, they would have never been caught. 

But their lies, deceptions and the complete omission of the truth about their success, are the fingerprints and DNA left at the scene of their crime. And it is stated that criminals always return to the scene of their crime.

For over twenty seven they have shopped around all over Sactown, and with their wealth and influence entangled others to become accomplices in their crime and massive web of deception in the community. By doing so they are leaving fingerprints of other unsuspecting people who also believed their lies. 

They have become like insects flying aimlessly into a web they didn't even see coming. They are snagged and devoured by the Raley/Teel lie that has encapsulated all of Sacramento for over forty years.


Who On Earth Saved Raley's?

Raley's Exposed, the missing chapter of Raley's History

In Charles Nordby's book, he describes the condition of Raley's Supermarkets and what he needed to do to save this mismanaged grocery store chain. 

This book was introduced on March 4th 1992. Joyce Raley Teel received the very first copy as a gift from Charles Nordby. It was our father's gentle way of telling her that the fairy tale version of her fathers success from 1973 to the present day, not only couldn't have happened, but didn't happen. There is a very good possibility when she got our fathers book hand delivered to her that day, she may have experienced an extreme case of PTSD. 

On the back cover he wrote these prophetic words-


They remember him now and they will never forget him.

In fact, this bizarre story that has entangled almost everyone who is anyone in Sacramento since 1991, will go down in American history.