The beginning of Raley's Cover-up

Louis Neely @ Warehouse Ministries


Warehouse Ministries Pastor, Louis Neely was the first person that Raley's used in their attempt to thwart this story. During my lunch with Mike Teel in 1991 (see Mike Teel CEO page) Mike knew that I was going to church and he asked where did I attend? I said that I go to Warehouse Ministries on Bradshaw Road.  One day later I get a call from Pastor Louis Neely asking me if I would be willing to have a meeting with him. Of course I agreed to it and the next day my brother Frank and I went over to the church to meet with Louis.  

If you know Louis, in 1991 he was a much younger man and he had that big boy Texas style look about him. When we sat down all he could say was "Come on boys, you know that one man can't save a company!" It was very apparent from that initial statement, that Raley's had asked him to have this meeting with me. He appeared to be downplaying our  father's claim that he saved Raley's Supermarkets. Both my brother Frank and I both said yes, one man did save Tom Raley's supermarkets. I wish I would have thought fast enough because I would have said, If God could use one man to spare the world (Noah) and one man to save a nation (Joseph) and one man to save the world (Jesus), why couldn't God use one man to save a grocery store chain?  The meeting was brief and Louis Neely would never tell us who initiated the meeting and the purpose for the meeting. 

​Three weeks later, we began to see the bigger picture. To my shock on that Sunday morning, Chuck Collings, Raley's President and CEO, the man who initially perpetrated the fraud against our father, was the guest speaker at Warehouse Ministries.  Why would a businessman be given the pulpit to speak unless his whole agenda was to begin the damage control of this story because Collings was touting himself to be such a religious man and that is how he was able to fool and eventually defraud our father. 

And then by using his religion, Collings was able to get the Billy Graham people to have a crusade in Sacramento, and Collings was made the Chairman of the Crusade. So it appeared that Collings was really playing the religious card to give his name honor as an honest religious man. Louis fell for it. The Billy Graham Crusades fell for it and so did much of Sacramento. He didn't fool us. And he didn't fool God.


What we don't know is if Raley's, Chuck Collings or Mike Teel made some sort of donation to the Warehouse Ministries in exchange for the meeting time with me and my brother and then some pulpit time for Collings. Or is it possible that Louis Neely personally benefited financially for these favors to Raley's and/or Chuck Collings. 

For 27 years, Louis Neely has refused or ignored my request and my letters. He had no idea what he was getting into, but, and it is just our opinion because we don't have financial records to look at, maybe like Judas, he might have been enticed by money or something else. All we do know is this, all he said in the meeting was "Come on boys, you know that one man can't save a company!"  Now Louis knows the truth. One man did save Tom Raley's stores and Louis Neely got caught up in this web of deception.


I also believe that God has given Louis Neely a space to repent, in fact 27 years to repent, and yet he doesn't. It really is sad, because the scriptures state that there is coming a day when people would believe the lie instead of the truth. 

As we know, God is not a respecter of persons. And as you can tell by our story, we are not either. God raises ministers up and He also allows them to fall.  It is apparent that Louis Neely is not held accountable by anyone at Warehouse Ministries. But he will be held accountable by God. When this story is publicly known, Warehouse Ministries will also be made known, as  will Louis Neely and his part in the great Raley deception and cover-up.  

But the Truth can set Louis Neely free. 

And the Nordby family wants the truth about Louis' and Raley's connection.  

If you don't like this exposure of Louis Neely, here is my number, 808 419-8184, call me or text me and come to Louis' defense. If you can't defend him pray for him, because he is heading on the path to destruction. 

Judgment begins at the House of God! Louis Neely has condemned himself.