Are Harvey Weinstein's and the Teel's "Machine" the same?


Weinsteins "Machine" Protected Him From His Accusers, The Courts and From Serving Time In Jail.

Harvey Weinstein's wealth and power hushed women, Hollywood, the news media and the truth about him.  Ronan Farrow, the investigative reporter who broke the story, calls Weinsteins  money, power and influence his "Machine" that was protecting him from exposure and criminal charges.        Until Now.  ​ 

Harvey is only worth about $250 million dollars.  

The Teel's Machine Has Been Protecting Them From the News, The Courts and Facing Their Justice.

The Teel's wealth, power and influence "Machine" has created a greater hush in Sacramento, in the news media, in the courts and in everybody necessary to  hide this crime from the public and of the truth about Charles Nordby and what he did for them    Until Now.  

The Teel's wealth is about $1 BILLION DOLLARS. They are worth about 4 times what Harvey is worth.  And their "Machine", though it has been cranking away for over 40 years to hush probably one of the greatest public deceptions in American history,  is running out of power and credibility. And during this time it has engulfed so many people in the news media, in the legal system, in politics and in religion. 

It is time for the Teel "Machine" to come to an end like Harvey's did. 

Money Talks and Money Hushes

Raley's Supermarkets 

Based in Sacramento,  has become a household name in most communities in Northern California and Nevada.  They are recognized as some of the most beautiful, modern and state of the art grocery stores in the world. Included in their chain of stores are the Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods and  Food Source stores.  

The company owner was Thomas P. Raley who started his business in 1935, in the Sierra foothill town of  Placerville, California. But the year of the miraculous turnaround was 1973 according to Raley's self published history book. But missing from their history is the man that made that turnaround possible. His name is Charles C. Nordby. 

Raley's was in trouble, and they were at risk of shutting down, but in 1973 one of the fastest and greatest corporate turnarounds in U.S history occurred.  The true story of this amazing business feat has remained silent to the public for over forty years.  As this story is unveiled here, it will not only celebrate Raley's success, but also celebrate the man responsible for Raley's miraculous turnaround starting in 1973.

What may be as incredible as the turnaround, is how Raley's was able to conceal the story from the public for over 40 years. 

When people hear and read this story they all get a sense of being fooled, deceived, misled and even lied to by a company that has prided itself on being family operated and privately owned. And private they were and private they are. 

People have even commented on how charitable Raley's is to its communities where they do business, not knowing that everything they have and do for people were the results of a man who was born in San Francisco, raised his 9 children throughout the SF Bay Area counties and then moved to Sacramento to save the Raley's Supermarket chain of stores from bankruptcy. 

Sadly enough, in telling this story you will also read and hear about the truth about the man Thomas P. Raley, the man that Sacramento and Northern California's news media has hailed as a hometown hero. Even the news media since 1973 was believing and reporting misinformation that may have been provided to them by the unscrupulous management team of Raley's which at the time included Charles Collings, James Teel and Frank McMinn (the smooth talking TV and radio personality whose voice became the spokesperson for Raley's Supermarkets.)

So Raley's management deceived the news media for 15 years, and by 1991 when the news media realized that they too had been lied to and defrauded by a company that they had trusted, it was too late because they were so entwined in Raley's advertising budget they COULD NOT report the true story of Charles Nordby's Raley's success for fear of losing Raley's advertising budget dollar. It all makes sense. It all makes dollars and cents.

According to the most recent Wikipedia information on Raley's Supermarkets, it does $3.2 billion dollars in annual sales, it has about 121 stores with over 12,000 employees. It was privately owned and co-chaired by James and Joyce Raley Teel who is Tom Raley's daughter. At one point, Forbes had Joyce Raley Teel listed as a billionaire with $1.8 billion dollars. As this story unfolds on this site, her wealth is very important to remember, because you will then understand why this true Raley's success story has never been made public. 

The Teel's have sold or given the Raley's stores to their son Mike Teel. Mike Teel was an eye witness of what our father did for his family's business. Mike has known this story for 45 years since he was 21 years old. In fact 27 years ago Mike Teel asked us the question, 

"What will it take to resolve this?" 

We said: "The Truth about our father"

He said: "We can't do that"  

That was a unfortunate decision that day.  Raley's not only committed a fraud against Charles Nordby, they are also committing a fraud against the public. 

As the idiom goes  "money talks" has proven to be true in society today, it is the kin to "money hushes" that will prove to be true in this story.  

Money gives one power and influence to help get things done or get one's own 

way, it also has an incredible influence to silence people in the media, so that they don't say or print a story that would be contrary to what has already been published, spoken  and announced by the media, even if it is the true story. The term now when the news media doesn't report the truth but reports a false narrative is now known as "Fake News".

Usually the news media jumps all over stories that involve scandal regardless of money, power and influence. But when the story involves one of the largest business advertisers in newspapers, television and radio, it would be financial suicide for that news outlet to report a negative story about one of their largest advertisers.  So, not only did money talk it also hushed in an attempt to extinguish this true story of  "Raley's Supermarkets: The Great American Success Story". 

In 1991, The Sacramento Union Editor, Joseph Farah, when told this story, said this: 

"I have no reason not to believe that this story is true, but if I print it, they (Raley's) will close my newspaper in a week."  Just one example of the news media's response to this story. 

In the midst of their great wealth, power and influence, Raley's was quietly, discreetly and perhaps even diabolically luring and lulling the news media, and the business, political and religious communities into their great web of deception and into what is obviously an incredible "Conspiracy of Silence"

Conspiracy of Silence is defined on Wikipedia as:  

  • The unspoken agreement of journalists and media outlets to suppress coverage of topics that their readers, advertisers, or sources prefer to avoid.

"Conspiracy of Silence" is also defined by the Merriam‑Webster dictionary as:

        ~a secret agreement to keep silent about an occurrence, situation, or  subject especially in order to promote or protect selfish interests. ~

And everyone who is involved would like people to believe that this is some crazy conspiracy theory, but it's not a theory at all. Everything about this story is backed up by the facts. And the "preponderance of the evidence" would have given our father the victory in the courtroom had he not died in the midst of his legal fight against Raley's et al. Did you ever hear any of the Sacramento news agencies report on the largest civil law suit ever filed in the Sacramento Courts?  

Of course you didn't!


And this is why you and the entire public have never heard Charles Nordby's Raley's Supermarkets success story before.  The Teel's had to make sure that the fallacy of Tom Raley story remained as the Hometown Success Story.

The purpose of this website is not to ruin or destroy any person(s) or hurt the Raley's Supermarket business financially or in any other way. The continuation of Raley's success is a continuation of Charles Nordby's success. And nobody else can take credit for this success because this is Charles Nordby's legacy. Not Thomas P. Raley, not Jim or Joyce Raley Teel, not Michael Teel, nobody!  

It's sole purpose is to tell the story, in it's entirety and in truth. In order to do so, only facts, direct quotes, published articles, letters, court documents, books, Raley's own history book, Raley's newsletters, eyewitnesses, audio recordings, email and whatever else is necessary to prove the story to be told. The greatest proof to this story is the fact that it passes the "test of time". Even though the turnaround was over forty years ago, the story broke in 1991. Twenty seven years ago.

Not once in that time has anyone from Raley's, neither Tom Raley himself, James and Joyce Raley Teel, Michael Teel (their son), anyone in the Raley/Teel family, their attorney's, the news media, the religious community, the business community , politicians or anyone else for that matter ever stood up in opposition of  this reported story about the Raley's Supermarket turnaround of 1973 nor the fraud committed against Charles Nordby. You know why no one opposes this story? Because it is THE TRUE STORY OF RALEY'S.​

A $100,000 reward was offered to anyone who could disprove this story. You would think that the Teel's would just pull out Tom Raley's financials from 1973-1976 and put an end to this, but they can't. It would only prove Charles Nordby's story. ​​

Whenever I am any where near a Raley's Supermarket, I shop there because I know that the greater the success of Raley's is, the greater this story becomes.  The Raley's success is just one of my father's many successes in his life's legacy. But this is the only one where billionaires, one of Sacramento's largest law firms, the news media, the religious community and the courts had to make sure that this success of his never made to the public's view because they all had their part in perpetuating the fraud that was started by Raley's management and continues on to this very day. 

Raley's Trivia Contest


Raley' Contest

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Just answer these simple questions: 

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2) What news media in Sacramento couldn't tell you the true Raley's success story?


​3) How much did Forbes have Joyce Raley Teel's wealth listed at?


​4) They say Money talks but it also _______________

​5) How much reward money was offered to anyone who could prove the story wrong?


6) In the last 27 years, how many people and lawyers disputed Charles Nordby's story?


​7) "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice _______________"

8) Who has more "Hush Money"?  Harvey Weinstein or the Raley/Teel Family?

9) Did Tom Raley know how he became so wealthy?


​10)  What is your favorite supermarket in your area? Safeway, Nugget, Lucky, Grocery Outlet, Raley's, Bel Air, Save Mart, Trader Joes, Sacramento Food Co-op, Whole Foods...... No wrong answer here.


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