The incompetence and ignorance of the law firm Downy Brand, Seymour and Rohwer

DBSR uses lies to defend their criminal clients case.

They had to lie & deceive the courts, and a judge to keep Jim & Joyce Teel out of the courtroom.

The incompetence and ignorance of the law firm Downy, Brand, Seymour and Rohwer along with the idiocy of their attorney's, Peter Glick, KIm Marie Peterson and Robert Strauch filed this absurd court document. 

The key words are, "relentless campaign" and the statement associated with it.  

   "For twenty years Charles C. Nordby has been pursuing 

    a 'relentless campaign against Raley's and its principals."

The problem with this opening statement,  based on the date of this document, 

January 12, 1995, means that Charles Nordby's "relentless campaign" started  in 1975. That was the 2nd year into saving Raley's from bankruptcy.  And the only campaign that Charles Nordby was on, was to save Tom Raley and his stores from going broke. 

So the Nordby Family now uses the stupidity and absurdity of Downy, Brand, Seymour and Rohwer and their inept attorney's in this case by slapping them in the face with their own foolish words and folly of their legal practices, or should we say illegal practices.

False filings, false documents, false testimony and their fraud continues to this day.

That's all they could do to make sure that they (DBSR)  and Raley's and Jim and Joyce Teel, never had to face Charles Nordby in any courtroom. 

Because Charles Nordby had never lost a case in court in his entire life, and he would have eaten them all up like a lion. 

But this website is eating them all up, one by one. 

This "Relentless Campaign" is bringing Justice!

As it exposes the corruption in big business, the news media, politics and even in the house of God!